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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find a number of frequently asked questions about our services and offerings. Included are a variety of FAQs, but if you still have questions after going through the list, please get in touch directly and I’ll answer any questions you have. I am happy to hear from you, and look forward to working together!

Barcelona Wedding Makeup Artist


When should I book? How do I book?

On average weddings are booked anywhere between 12-18 months in advance! Waiting until later might mean others book your date first. We only take one wedding per date so this runs on a first come first serve basis. To book, a bridal contract must be signed and a 100€ non-refundable deposit must be made to secure your date.

    Do you hold dates?​

Unfortunately, because of high demand, I am not able to hold dates. Contact and conversation do not hold or reserve dates for you. As stated above, we need a contract and deposit to ensure your booking.

Do I need to finalize the number of people before booking?

YES and NO. It is preferred that you get as close to the exact number of people as possible, but it isn’t “set in stone” when you book. You will have up to 6 months before the wedding date to finalise the number of  people. However, it is important to get a final number asap because it will help determine the number of professionals needed.


Do you do hair as well?

I do not do hair personally, however, I do work with several amazing hairstylists together as a team for wedding services.

Makeup and Hair trials

Can I schedule a trial before booking?

Yes, you can, but it does not secure 100% reservation of your wedding date. As I mentioned above, I cannot hold dates due to high demand.

How far out should I schedule the trial and where will it take place?​

1-6 MONTHS BEFORE THE WEDDING DATE is when previews should be done. This may seem too late, but a lot of things can change if they are done sooner (ex: hair colour, self-tanner, makeup vision, etc.) The closer it is to the the actual wedding, the fresher it will be in both our minds.


THE LOCATION is of your choice (home, hotel, masia) as we are mobile team services.

Is the makeup trial an additional cost?

YES! Anyone who is getting makeup services done on the day of can opt for a trial themselves. Please note that this will be an additional fee of 75€ for a bridesmaid, 130€ for a bride (same as the normal application).

How long will the makeup and hair trial take? Can others come with me?

The wedding makeup and hair trial on average will take between 3-3.5 hours depending on the Bridal look desired.

ONE MAXIMUM TWO person(s) would be allowed, more than that is often a distraction for the future bride.

Can anyone else besides me book a makeup trial?

Meeting face to face and getting to talk about and execute the bride’s vision for her wedding day is ESSENTIAL! Makeup and hair trials are strongly recommended. We want everything to run as smoothly as possible on the wedding day.

Wedding day/Travel

Can you travel to our location?​

YES, WE CAN! We are mobile team that will travel anywhere you need us to, but please, take into account that there may be a travel fee.

Barcelona metropolitan services are free of transportation charge. Outside Barcelona metropolitan will be charged 1,5€ per 1 km (one way from Barcelona to your location).

Can we get ready at our venue?

YES YOU CAN. Some venues have restrictions on how early they will let people arrive.  This sometimes does not allow hair and makeup to have enough time to complete all the services depending on how large the bridal party is. If the venue cannot accommodate this, we may have to think of an alternative location such as a hotel or AirBnb. Please ask your venue in advance about this!

Does anyone need to provide their own products? Can I have you apply my own products?

WE WILL PROVIDE EVERYTHING. You are paying for our expertise, product knowledge, and the products that we use in our makeup kit. You are not required to do anything except for sit and get pampered!

IN CASE you have particularly sensitive/allergic skin and would like us to use your own products, we are happy to do so. However, be aware that as we do not know how your personal makeup has been used previously or how it layers with other products this may result in the look not coming out as we intended.

How long does each application take?

It will take between 50-60 minutes for the guest/bridesmaids makeup or hair.

It will take between 1-1.5 hours for the bride makeup or hair.

Additional Artist

Can you provide an additional artist or do I need to find one?

I WILL PROVIDE ONE. If your bridal party is over 8 people or the timing is too tight, an additional artist will need to be hired. This will not only let you get some more beauty sleep in the morning, but will also ease both our minds to make sure all the applications get done on time! Furthermore, I only work with experienced artists that I have previously worked with and know their work ethic, sanitation, punctuality, etc.

Will there be a fee for the additional artist?

If there is a travel fee involved, and the artist needs to come by a separate vehicle the travel fee will apply to them as well. And a 100€ non-refundable deposit must be made to secure artist date.

How soon is the additional artist secured?

ASAP! If we decide we need an additional artist after going over all the wedding details, then I will need the total of applications finalized when booking or shortly after. This allows for time to find an artist and secure the date with them. They book up just as quickly as I do so the sooner this can be confirmed the better! Once an additional artist is booked, I will provide their name and Instagram handle for your peace of mind.

Products used

Do you offer airbrush makeup?

NO I DO NOT.  Airbrush is just another method of application such as a brush or a sponge. The liquid foundations I use last just as long throughout the day. I apply them with a sponge instead of a brush to create a seamless finish without feeling heavy on the skin.

Are lashes included for all the services? Will it lower the cost if I don't want lashes?

YES THEY ARE INCLUDED FOR EVERYONE. Whomever is getting makeup done will have the option of choosing between strip lashes or cluster lashes. I do not offer individuals for anyone other than the bride because of timing restrictions.

THE COST WILL NOT CHANGE whether someone wants lashes or opts out. Most often after seeing other’s gorgeous lashes, most people want them as well!

What happens if I have very sensitive skin?

WE WILL DISCUSS THIS IN DEPTH before your bridal preview takes place. I will ask you if you are allergic to any ingredients in advance or sensitive to anything that you know of. I will also ask if anyone else in your bridal party has concerns about this at that time!

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